The award "Golden Heart" is given for service to the higher ideals of mankind and is not a state or political award.

The Motto of the award is - HONOUR, DIGNITY, NOBILITY.

The goal of the award is establishing the higher ideals of the humanity - kindness, philanthropy, nobility, ability to self-sacrifice for the sake of others.
The award does not presuppose financial incentives in monetary equivalent.
The award is presented annually - once a year.
The location of the award presentation will be determined by the Honorary Board and the Organizing Committee.
The award is given to the individuals, irrespective of their citizenship and place of residence, or to the organizations, irrespective of their localization.

Those granted the award are conferred the rank of "The Golden Heart International Award Laureate", presented with a Laureate Diploma, a "Golden Heart" statuette, the award decorations - especially manufactured for the ceremony jewelry articles.

The award decorations are presented at the ceremony.
The award decoration for men is placed on the neck ribbon.
The award decoration for women is attached to the bow, fastened to the left side of the chest.
In addition to the award decorations the award laureates are presented with a suit badge.
The competitors for the award may be nominated by physical persons, public organization, mass media, state institutions, regardless of the nationality and location.

The nominee's candidature has to be submitted in written form or via facsimile or Internet. The proposition of the nominee ought to include his full name, surname and patronymic name; place of residence and a record of his merits.

The preliminary list of nominees is completed by the Organizational Committee and forwarded for assent to the Honorary Board.

The award is presented by the Chairman of the HONORARY BOARD according to the decision of the BIG JURY.

THE HONORARY BOARD consists of the recognized public and state figures, persons of science and art, regardless of their citizenship and place of residence, representatives of the national and international public and commercial organizations, regardless of their localization, as well as of the individuals and the representatives of the organizations, acting as the principal sponsors of the award. The staff of the Honorary Board has the odd number of members, each of them having the right of a decisive vote.

The Honorary Board suggests no more than three candidatures in each nomination to the Big Jury. The decision of the Honorary Board is made by the simple majority.

The Chairman of the honorary Board is one of the members of the Honorary Board. The Chairman of the Honorary Board is elected for the one year term.

THE BIG JURY is the body responsible for selecting the nominees out of the candidatures suggested by the Honorary Board, one in each nomination.

Among the members of the Big Jury may be both the members of the Honorary Board and the members of the Organizing Committee, as well as special guests - world celebrities.

The voting can be carried out personally, through mail or facsimile or by e-mail with a following facsimile confirmation.

The decision is achieved by the simple majority of votes of the Big Jury members.

THE ORGANIZING COMMITTEE is the operational body, providing the organization of the ceremony of the award presentation and coordinating various charity actions within the award activity. The Chairman of the Organizing Committee is one of the award founders.

The Chairman of the Organizing Committee and his vice-chairmen are members of the Big Jury.

The award founders have the privilege of awarding one nominee a year at their discretion, without submitting his candidature to the approval of the Big Jury, in any nomination. This award is entitled "The Founders' Award". The Founders' Award may be given to the members of the Honorary Board and the Big Jury or to any physical or juridical person.

THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE is the body responsible for all the current activities connected with the "Golden Heart Award" organizing, charity actions and events and all the current daily work.

Nominations of the "Golden Heart International Award":

  • Patrons of Art
  • Scientists
  • Art and Culture workers
  • Politicians and Statesmen
  • Public Figures
  • Military Men

The official languages of the award are Russian and English.

The award has an Internet site, supplying all the information on the award. People may vote for the nominees through Internet, or by regular mail, replying to the information concerning the award, published in mass media. In case the results that the Big Jury comes to vary from what people vote for via Internet or writing by regular mail, the nominee with the majority of people's votes will receive the special award - "People's Choice".

The funds collected in course of preparing the ceremony of the award after covering the organizational expenses will be directed to the medical treatment of children (primarily to the treatment of the oncologic pathology), disabled, diseased and disadvantaged people all over the world, to the support of the people who have suffered during the regional conflicts or natural disasters.

The report of humanitarian aid transfer and the funds expenditure will be published in mass media and on the official site of the "Golden Heart Award".


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